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SPMA and Füll Lab Automation: Sales cooperation agreed upon

Füll Lab Automation offers systems for automated high throughput experimentation, including the development of paints and other coatings.
This product range also includes systems for the automatic mixing of different lacquer formulations and automatic spraying machines for the lacquering of sample plates.

The material for lacquering is supplied by means of patented syringes. These are simply replaced after painting, so there is no need to rinse lines or spray cups, and there is no risk of contamination from previous paints. The coating of sample or test plates is automatic and thus highly reproducible. The time required for painting can thus be significantly reduced.

The systems are therefore suitable for development and quality assurance.

Further Information:

SPMA Spezialmaschinen GmbH
Martin Schweizer
Tel. +49 7023 749-720

Or HERE at the Website of Füll Lab Automation